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The BDS Forum is a database and discussion forum on different BDS strategies. We do not support “the only one BDS approach“ – monopoly but complementary business development strategies proved in practice like the moderate BDS approach including commercial BDS providers as well as NGOs, local city administrations, public providers and self-help organisations. Your contributions are welcome!

Microfinance: Client assessment valuable in widely different circumstances

SEEP has published two case studies on individual MFIs that participated in its recent “Putting Client Assessment to Work“ Practitioner Learning Program: one on ACLAM (Haiti) and another on CRECER (Bolivia). Despite radically different operating conditions, both institutions were able to use client assessment to improve their institutions and services. Client Assessment in Conflict- and Disaster-Affected Environments; The Experience of Action contre la Misère (ACLAM) in Haiti,, examines how ACLAM used client assessment to help it survive political violence and a devastating hurricane in 2004. In contrast How Client Assessment is Making a Difference at CRECER documents how a MFI in Bolivia implemented a client assessment program with in-house staff, a process that led to both operational and product changes.For the rest of this article visit

Remittances do more than investments

The British are not investing a great deal in the developing world, but remittances from Britain are emerging as a growing counter to poverty, a new survey shows. Immigrants and their families from South Asia, Africa and the Caribbean remit on average 870 pounds (1,627 dollars) a family a year, according to a survey ordered by the Department for International Development (DFID).

Program Evaluation Report: A useful tool for IPIs

The Independent Evaluation Group, an independent unit within the World Bank Group, has published a report titled ‚Improving Investment Climates: An Evaluation of World Bank Group Assistance‘. The report assesses the effectiveness of the World Bank Group in helping its member countries improve their investment climates for businesses. Investment promotion intermediaries will find this report useful as an illustration of how technical assistance evaluation is carried out within the World Bank. It will also provide useful insights on how, potentially, the value and impact of investment promotion activities could be assessed.

Innovative financing mechanisms gain momentum: The Brasilia conference

The Brasilia conference on 6-7 July gave additional momentum in the mobilisation of new sources for development finance. The meeting, organised by the government of Brazil, was attended by 40 countries and 20 non-governmental organisations and demonstrated that international support for an air-ticket tax is growing very fast. Only five months after the Paris conference where 13 countries decided to introduce a tax on airline travel, six additional nations have already followed suit. Frank Schroeder reports.

Doha: What the South was asking for

The Doha Development Agenda negotiations are to be suspended because gaps between key players remain too wide. Heads of delegations, speaking in aninformal meeting of the Trade Negotiations Committee on 24 July 2006, agreed with WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy that this will be a setback for all members. However, 2006 is a chance for the industrial countries to rebuild trust with the developing world. A prerequisite for further talks would be to take serious the positions of the South. A documentation of these positions with Documents of G20, G33 and NAMA-11: